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Why flooring samples and in-house estimate is important

Why flooring samples and in-house estimate is important

Ordering $1000′s worth of hardwood or laminate flooring online can seem a bit daunting at first. Add to that the concept of seeing a tiny square picture of a floor and basing your purchase off that, and you’re upping your potential for disaster. It’s difficult, too, to get the true coloring of a hardwood or laminate product by simply looking at a website. Brands try to get their colors online true to the product, but different monitors can show different tones and shades.

I recently had a customer on the verge of ordering a particular product. She asked me over the phone if the board was more of a “red red” or more of an “orange red.”

As my perception of color could be a bit different than her own, I really couldn’t give her a solid answer on this. I could offer my opinion, but not the concrete affirmation of color tone she was looking for. Ultimately, the solution for her was to order a sample. Something she could hold in her hand and see just how red it was.

Hardwood and Laminate samples for color match

We always recommend viewing an actual sample of the material you’re interested in prior to committing to it. This is especially important for a stained hardwood floor. With a natural wood, like a red oak natural, coloring is going to be pretty standard from brand to brand (although amount of character/grain patterns can differ based on grade level used), but not all stain colors are considered equal across the industry. For example, a “gunstock” stain color from one hardwood flooring brand may be a completely different shade than a “gunstock” stain color from a second hardwood flooring brand. Samples from each brand would help to distinguish the two different “gunstocks.”

There is a caveat though, especially when it comes to real hardwood flooring: it’s important to keep in mind that wood is a natural product and a single sample might not be an absolute representation of the hardwood floor as a whole. Within the cartons of the color you choose could be slight variations from board to board and/or different grain patterns than that of the sample you saw. Usually homeowners interested in real wood floors understand and appreciate that hardwood flooring is a product of nature and that no two boards can be guaranteed to be exactly alike.

Flooring is typically one of the most expensive purchases you will make.  Do you really want to trust your new floors to a clerk in the big box store who was assembling barbeques before his last break?  Our sales reps live and breath flooring and have years of experience.  Every day they are talking to suppliers and installers, selling flooring and managing installations.  Some are even former installers.  They know what works and what doesn’t.  They are flooring professionals, not refugees from the light bulb isle.

Doesn’t your home deserve better than whatever marginal quality flooring happened to be in the container from China that the big box got for a super discounted price?  We buy quality products from suppliers we’ve worked with for years.  So we can stand behind the products we sell and the installation work of our crews.

The best news is that you don’t have to pay more to get the benefit of our quality, experience and support.  We’re a large, locally-owned store.  That gives us great buying power from our suppliers but means we don’t have to raise our prices to cover a corporate office in another city or pay for franchise fees.  Compare our honest, bottom-line prices to the final price from a big box store or any other local store on comparable products and you’ll find that we are very competitive.

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