What you need to know about vinyl floors

vinyl floors

Recently, the market of flooring materials is gaining vinyl tiles popularity. This material is fairly easy in nstallation, it is durable, waterproof and quiet. Vinyl flooring has a number of advantages and features, which we will talk about in our article.

Polyvinylchloride is used nowadays everywhere – it is made of anything, including building materials. Its main advantage is good thermoplasticity and high resistance to mechanical damage. As a result, unlike, for example, laminate, when something heavy falls on the vinyl floor, it will not be damaged. In this case, the average thickness of the laminate will be 8-10 mm, while vinyl tiles are only 3-5 mm. Another advantage of vinyl tiles is excellent noise insulation. Vinyl coatings reduce noise almost twofold, and this is very important in modern apartment buildings and especially in dwellings where children live.

We admire this type of flooring and for its thermal insulation properties. Vinyl is much warmer than a laminate and more pleasant to touch – it can be safely walked barefoot. In contrast to wood and laminated panels, vinyl tiles are not terrible water – the material is completely waterproof, and therefore it can safely be placed in the bathroom and in the kitchen. An important advantage of vinyl tiles is the ease of installation – it is easily glued to a smooth, well-cleaned surface. In addition, he cooperates well with floor heating. It is worth mentioning about the decorative merits of the material – vinyl tiles can be any color, pattern and imitate any surface, including wood and stone.

The only disadvantage of this flooring is the price – vinyl, as a rule, is more expensive than laminate, although on the other hand it is significantly cheaper than many other materials (parquet, massive board, stone, etc.).

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