Laying laminate common mistakes

laying laminate

If you do renovation, or just decided to upgrade the floor – the laminate will be a good solution. It is durable, aesthetically good looking and unpretentious to use. Laying the laminate can be done by yourself.

Buy laminate you like 🙂

How does the process start? Naturally, with the purchase of material :). And, it is necessary to take a spear quantity, because, without experience, it is easy to damage several boards. After you have become a happy owner of a brand new laminate, you need to leave it for a while (preferably a few days) in the room where it is planned to be placed. This is necessary for the boards to adapt your living space temperature and humidity.

Floor preparation

The time for adaptation of laminate boards can be spent on preparing the floor. In order to obtain a high-quality coating as a result, it is necessary to eliminate defects and unevenness of the underlayment. If the floor is concrete, you can use a self-leveling screed. If the flooring base is wood use a grinding machine. When it comes to a concrete foundation, after the screed is harden, it is necessary to put a Drycore tiles for waterproofing, and then a special underpayment for the laminate, which provides warmness and sound insulation. (More about underlayment).

Begin installing and avoid mistakes

So, the preparatory work is completed. You can start stacking. With the beginning of this stage, new questions arise. How to lay a laminate: along, or across? How to put the first row of laminate laths? How to strengthen them among themselves?

Lay the laminate in a direction perpendicular to the window. This is done so that when the sunlight falls on the floor, the seams of the coating are invisible. It is worth noting that the base with heating laminate can be placed only if the heating is carried out with water.

laminate tools

Installation Steps

The first row of laminate is adjusted to the unevenness of the wall. Between each other, the boards are connected by a “comb-groove” system. That is, the comb of one laminate plank must enter the groove of the other. The combs on the boards of this series must be cut with a saw for a laminate, a hacksaw, or a guillotine. Between the wall and the first row of planks we make a gap to ensure that the laminate can expand and contract. This will avoid the formation of “bubbles”. In order to make a gap, use a spacer, not less then 1/4 inch wide.

The first row is installed completely, flush against the wall, not forgetting the gaps. The second row starts with half a laminate board (just catted off). Thus, it will be stylized staggered. It looks original and reinforces surface for day by day traffic. After the firs line is installed, continue with the rest.

Now it remains to take a plate, a hammer, and carefully adjust the planks to each other, gently tapping along the entire length of the strip. Thus, we connect all the bands and adjust them to each other along the entire perimeter. The main thing – do not forget to leave gaps between laminate boards and walls.

In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems. Carefully join the boards together and carefully adjust them to avoid damage. The result will definitely please you!

Is it difficult for you? so … you need an assistant 🙂

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